The Mindset

A lot of people think that having mental health problems means you’re weak or broken in some way...or that the problems aren’t even real. So they're ashamed to get treatment or even admit they have a problem; and even if they do, they keep their progress to themselves.

We think it's time to adopt a new mindset – to come together, turn that shame into strength, and tackle mental health as a team.

Mental health is a sport. You're the star player competing against the world's toughest opponent – your mind.

Every day is a game. Every month is a new season.

Treatment is the training you need to win the championship of life. Therapists and counselors are coaches, psychiatrists are trainers, and medicine is supplements.

Now the definition of a "win" will be different for everyone and so will the game plan...

But the commonality is that there's NO OFF-SEASON. 

You have to play 365 days a year. You won’t win every game — no athlete ever does. What’s important is that you learn from each game and get back on the field the next day, for yourself and your biggest fans.

And when you're feeling down, know you've got a team behind you. Because alone you're tough, but with the team you can't be beaten.

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