The Hats

The Hats - Mental Health League

What's the first thing an athlete receives after they get drafted – a Draft Hat. So to bring the League to life, we designed premium draft hats to make you look like the champion you are, raise money for mental health charities, and to help you tell your story to end the stigma.

Each hat has...

  • Front mascot embroidery and side MHL logo embroidery
  • Premium vegan leather strap
  • Accent underbrim
  • Motivational "No Off-Season" piping
  • The power to help you tell your story and inspire others to do the same

And 20% of net profit will be donated to the Crisis Text Line, which provides FREE 24/7 crisis support and active rescue for anyone in need. Our co-founders are both volunteer Crisis Counselors and can vouch for it's impact first-hand.

The Hats - MHL




Here are just some of the reviews so far...

Just putting on the hat made me feel this comfort. Like I was accepting something about myself and that it was going to be ok. - Charley

My MHL hat is not only a way to own my mental health, but it is by far one of the most comfortable hats I have. It’s my go-to hat for all occasions! – Jeremy F

I'm proud that a high-quality mission created high-quality product with fine stitching, structure, and fit. – Mariel C



For those comfortable and in a place to do so, we encourage you to share your story using #MHLGameFace. The stigma only exists if we all stay in the shadows. To take the shame out the game, we need to start talking openly – inspiring people to get treatment and know that they aren't alone.


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