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The Story - Mental Health League

Mike Vosters, MHL Founder

In college, I was diagnosed with Bipolar type II and ADHD, and it is one of the most formative things that’s ever happened to me. The details of my bipolar journey here, but in short it reshaped who I was and sent me on a lifelong competition against my own mind, one that I still continue on to this day.

With that admission, I’ve just addressed my biggest fear in starting this brand, as well as the reason it needs to exist.

While 20% of US adults deal with mental health issues every year, we're ashamed to talk about it – until it's too late. We’re afraid of what people will think, that no one will hire us, or that they’ll just tell us to suck it up and that it isn’t real. So we keep it to ourselves and deal with it the best we can — which is a HUGE problem. If you were diagnosed with any other disease, what would happen? You'd invest as much time, energy, and funds that you could to overcome it. Loved ones would send you well wishes, take care of you, and show their support by wearing various ribbons and other symbols. Others who have gone through a similar struggle would reach out, share their stories, and give you advice. That support and care makes a huge difference in the recovery process and motivates you to keep fighting.

I think it’s time that we do the same for mental health. That’s why I started the Mental Health League (MHL).

The MHL is here to take the shame out of the game. raise money and awareness for mental health by creating products and sharing stories that spark conversation, show support, and motivate people to keep fighting.

For every product sold, we'll donate 50% of the net profit to charities that increase access to mental health treatment – our current partner being the Crisis Text Line.

But beyond the donations, we want to help people adopt a new mindset in tackling their mental health...

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