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The Company - Mental Health League MHL Co-Founders Mike Vosters and Nicole Cardoza


The MHL is an impact organization on a mission to get the world to rally around mental health. We create products that help people realize their inner strength, defeat their invisible opponents, and inspire others to do the same.


Raise money to increase access to treatment

From each sale of MHL apparel, 20% of net profit will be donated to charities that increase access to treatment. Our current partner is the Crisis Text Line – a FREE 24/7 text line that provides trained crisis counselors and active rescue for anyone in need.

Turn stigma into strength

20% of people live with a mental health condition, but 60% of them don't receive treatment. Anxiety, loneliness, and suicide are all on the rise. To turn this around, we not only need to improve access to treatment, but change the way we feel about mental health. For many, mental health conditions are seen as a weakness, and some don't even think they're real. We developed the MHL mindset using the psychology of sports fandom to turn stigma into strength – ultimately empowering people invest in their mental fitness...and to get their biggest fans to rally for them along the way.


Our co-founder Mike Vosters was diagnosed with bipolar type ii and ADHD in college. After an initial panic and years of learning to manage it, he began to tell his story. As his community grew and he felt more empowered, he started to pay closer attention to his highs and lows. He started tracking his wins and losses, stayed in step with his routines, and tried new strategies for his mental health, recommended by his peers. Now, he still struggles with his mental health. But he has a community of people cheering him on and keeping him motivated. Read his full story with bipolar here and why he started the MHL here.


We make products that help people adopt and live our No Off-Season Mindset...and then inspire others to do the same.

The Scorecard

Simple, effective mood and habit tracking to help you live No Off-Season. Learn More ›

MHL Draft Hats

When an athletes joins a league, what’s the first item they receive – a draft hat. So we designed premium team draft hats to make mental health champions look and feel like the champions they are, and spark conversations to end the stigma in everyday life.

  • Vegan leather backstrap
  • Accent Underbrim
  • Custom “No Off-Season Piping” 

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