MHL's NEW DIRECTION | Bringing The League To Life

To anyone reading this, thank you for all the support you've given to the MHL so far. It's been the biggest thing keeping me going in trying to get this off the ground.

Since our launch, I've spent a ton of time thinking about what I want the MHL to be, and how it could have the biggest impact. While stigma-changing and fundraising is a crucial component, I keep thinking that it's only the first part of the problem and that to really have an impact, we need to actually make mental health a team sport.

THE PROBLEM | Mental Health Is A Lonely Road

After I got diagnosed in college, I went back to my dorm room and started googling only to find grim results about what my future was likely to hold. I didn't know anyone else that was bipolar, so I didn't know where else to turn.

After my initial freakout, I then proceeded to learn how to manage and battle it, a perpetual process I continue on to this day; but even once I understood my triggers and got my routines down, I struggled to stick to them. 

Sadly, I think this is the story of mental health for most people – a long lonely road.

While family, friends, therapists and others are all crucial pieces of one's support network, they can't be there all the time, and they don't always understand what you're going through.

But what is we could change all this? What if there was a place you could go whenever you needed support and motivation? A place where others competing against the same opponents are sharing their stories, tips, and tricks, or are just there to listen? A place that helps you learn about yourself, your opponents, and map out a game plan to win your battles against them? And then held you accountable in sticking to that plan?

This is what we want the Mental Health League to be.

THE SOLUTION | Make Mental Health A Team Sport

The Mental Health League the new home for mental health champions. A mobile app that helps you compete each day against the world’s toughest opponent – your mind – with a team holding you accountable every step of the way.

Our goal is to provide daily tracking, training, and support to help you...

  1. Understand your triggers and formulate a winning game plan faster
  2. Get the accountability and motivation you need to compete every day

HOW'S IT WORK? | Every Day is a Game, Together We Can Win

STEP 1 | Join a team of champions competing against the same opponent that you are.