Men, Join MHL's 28-Day Mental Health Challenge

The Story - Mental Health League

To anyone reading this, thank you for all the support you've given to the MHL so far. It's been the biggest thing keeping me going in trying to get this off the ground.

Since our launch, I've spent a ton of time thinking about what I want the MHL to be, and how it could have the biggest impact. While stigma-changing and fundraising is a crucial component, I keep thinking that it's only the first part of the problem and that to really have an impact, we need to actually make mental health a sport.

To manage my own mental health, I started keeping a scorecard where I'd log if I won or lost each day and why along with what "plays" I ran (routines and other self-care habits). This scorecard taught me so much about myself and got me to a much better place. But once I got to a good place, I'd find myself falling off my routines, I'd stop tracking, and back to the fog I'd go. 

Digging into psychology on accountability, I found that people who workout with friends can often achieve similar results as they would with a trainer because they hold each other accountable and keep one another motivated.

So I thought...why don't we do that for mental health?

Announcing MHL's 28-Day Men's Mental Health Challenge

To test this concept, we’re looking for 30 men to participate in a 28-day mental health challenge to help them win more days. Your participation will only require 5-10 minutes per day from August 1-29.

How’s It Work?

  1. If accepted, we’ll invite you to a private Facebook group
  2. Each day you’ll fill out a scorecard stating whether you won or lost the day and why, and post it within the group. Winning isn’t about being happy or productive, it’s just how you felt about your day; and actually the real focus isn't winning, it's just tracking every day (process, not result).
  3. Each day you’ll read through other’s posts and offer support however you can.
  4. At the end of the 28 days, fill out a post-game recap survey.


  • Male
  • Has a Facebook account
  • Desire to improve your mental health
  • Available to participate for all 28 days
  • Comfortable sharing your daily scorecard with the group
  • Committed to being accepting and supportive of others, passing no judgement



  • Why only men? While eventually we'll open it to everyone, we're starting with men as they're typically the least likely to engage with mental health, and we think the MHL can change that.
  • Will you ever create groups for the teams (Foggy Dogs, Anxietees, etc)? That's the plan, but we wanted to start broad at first.
  • Facebook is bad for your mental health, can we use something else? Totally agree, and after this beta, we'll likely move it elsewhere.

What is the MHL?

The MHL is on a mission to help men win more days through daily tracking and team support. We believe every day is a game that you deserve to win, every month is a season, and that with mental health, there is no off-season.

Who is running this?

My name is Mike Vosters. I’m the Commissioner of the MHL and a product manager, entrepreneur, and DJ based in Brooklyn. I was diagnosed with bipolar type II and ADHD in college and have gotten great value from daily scorecards and community, and want to see if they can help others too. I’ll be facilitating the group and here to help throughout.


This pilot is not a substitute for mental health treatment and is not facilitated by trained doctors or counselors. It's a peer-based intervention meant to supplement your care.