Community Guidelines

MHL Community Guidelines - Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

We’re honored to hold space for intimate conversations around mental health and mental health conditions. With that, we’re committed to creating a safe, inclusive space for all of our readers, and ask that you agree to our Community Guidelines when participating in conversations on our posts.

Profanity, racism, or discrimination of any kind will NOT be tolerated in this comment thread. Please also refrain from sharing graphic details (like violence or self-harm) of your own personal experiences. Anyone who does not follow these Terms of Use will have their comment removed and may be blocked from this comment thread.

The MHL has the right to remove and report comments that use harmful language towards the writer and other readers. We moderate the comments regularly for hateful speech and key phrases or words that signal someone may be in suicidal crisis.

The Mental Health League Community Guidelines are only an addition to the Medium Community Guidelines, outlined here, that should also be respected by all of our readers.

We’re honored to continue this conversation with you.

Team MHL


Ps – If you’d like to join our community by writing for us, follow the submission guidelines outlined here.