Rennes T.

Rennes T.

From National signing day to Draft day, every athlete receives an opportunity to live out their dreams by picking a school or getting selected by their dream team. Both exciting and life-changing moments.⁣

I got drafted by @MentalHealthLeague and selected a team to destroy what has been holding me back for most of life from being my best and living out my dreams #TeamAnxietees

Imagine Always playing defense and never getting the opportunity to play offense in your own game of life. Balls going straight through your hands because you cannot hold onto it, getting tackled, every shot being blocked or shooting airballs. Feeling worthless, ashamed, fatigue and stuck. Feeling that you’re not talented enough, smart enough and that you are not deserving of a great opportunity. That’s what Anxiety does to me. ⁣

Imagine suffering in silence over half your life and not knowing it. We’ve always been taught to get over it, pray, have faith and everything will work it. (I do believe that) Yet never being taught to love yourself and knowing your self-worth. That’s where Anxiety takes over subconsciously and defines what that is. ⁣

I got my #MHLGameFace on 💪🏽⁣
2019 & Beyond, I am focused on my healing from INSIDE out and I encourage anyone battling with any mental health issues to do the same. ⁣

Check out @MentalHealthLeague to join a team and share your story. We are here to support each other. Let’s get endless WINS together. ⁣

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