It ceases to amaze me the vast amount of things my anxiety decides to latch onto despite how silly some may seem. Work, friends, family, fitness, school, health, money, free time spent, busy time spent, what outer garment to wear for the weather, the type of person I am, relationships, life goals, non-life goals, sports, people's opinions, politics, society, the future, things from the past, punctuality, organization. The latest has been sleep. Or in actuality, just the thought of not sleeping which ends up leading to many nights of no sleep at all. Thankfully after 5 months of weekly therapy I've curbed this latest iteration, though it has ebbed and flowed my whole life. Breathing into brown paper bags was a frequent occurrence as a kid due to panic attacks (though I got real good at it).

I only bring this up because it should be discussed openly. Any mental health disorder should be. My good friend Vosters has co-founded this awesome organization called the Mental Health League to do just that and I'm super excited to join team Anxietees (it's a cute lil' manatee). Check it out, join a team, support yourself, your friends, and your fam!

Nick rocks the Anxietees Mascot Hat while changing the game for mental health. Want to support the league? Join a team, then share your story using the hashtag #MHLGameFace on your preferred social channel.





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