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Michele L

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My journey thru anxiety is one of a million unexpected miles. These are miles of fear, defeat, numbness, isolation, hope, love and patience and that is just to name a few. Anxiety to me had always been a distant friend. Someone that visited every so often but never overcrowded my space. That is until I had my children. Two days after their birth I unknowingly set out on this trip of a lifetime except this trip didn’t come with any luxuries. It was lonely, it was dark, and it stole my life from me. I had reached my bottom. I hated myself, my emotions, my head, my body and the empty shell I had become. I had two choices. Let my anxiety slowly eat me alive from the inside out knowing it would take all of me or stand up and fight. I had to find something to hold on to and the one thing I found was hope. I was so low but there was this ever so slight glimmer of hope that it could get better. From there I showed up every single day. Not for my husband, not for my kids, but for myself. To be the best for them I had to be the best me first. With every small step, both the leaps forward and even some leaps back, I was climbing out.

I live with anxiety but that is not who I am. It’s not who you are either. This journey of a million miles, a million emotions, a million uncertainties, is never traveled alone nor is it the path of no return. We walk together, we stand together. I have learned to never discount the small steps. I believe those small steps we take build the foundation for our better days and for our recovery. Please never, ever stop showing up for yourself. You are so worth it. “Anxietees” Team cap @mentalhealthleague

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