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Mariel C, @mariel_victoria

It is my greatest joy and life’s work to share strength, growth and transformation with other humans through @corepoweryoga. I’ve also got a relationship w/ guilt and #anxiety that if ignored can be completely paralyzing! Maybe you wouldn’t know it. The tools I’ve learned through my community about vulnerability, creating profound connections w others, and the practice of daily #gratitude have made it possible to stay connected and in motion with what I love. With awareness, state management, aaaand the rallying team I play with, I still make a positive impact even while experiencing varying amounts of anxiety. I’m proud of that! When I learned that my friend @nicoleacardoza was partnering to create @mentalhealthleague, a company aiming to end the stigma of mental health- I enrolled! The MHL provokes us to look right at the root of what we’re experiencing and play our best game with “the right game plan and fan base.” Here’s me sporting my #MHLGameFace for team Anxietees. When you purchase gear, 20% of profits go to someone getting the mental health care they need! Check out their mission and choose your team 💚🤘🏼

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