Mairys J | I Call Her Anxious Annie

Mairys J | I Call Her Anxious Annie

I call her Anxious Annie. 🤷🏽‍♀️😳🤯

I’d met her before. She liked to seep into my consciousness whenever I struggled but she made a home for herself when I turned 26 years old—at the height of my then career in education—when I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and got on medication for the first time.

Annie would creep up in my sleepless nights and tell me I was unworthy. She’d bog my mind with endless lists. She’d call me too fat (or too skinny), said I wasn’t working hard enough, working smart enough, that I was most certainly NOT ENOUGH. She would bully me on the regular!

How many of you have your own Anxious Annie? Let’s be real. .
The manifestations of anxiety and depression can be hard to overcome. Hell I’m sure even those without that diagnosis have struggled with unkind, negative self talk. Those of us who struggle with our mental health, however, suffer often from this impermeable monster, constantly putting us down.

But would you EVER let a STRANGER talk to you like that? Would you ever let someone tell your BEST FRIEND that they’re WORTHLESS when they are feeling their most vulnerable? HELL NO!

Why do we let ourselves off the hook when we bully ourselves? It’s time to stand up to the asshole in our heads and defend our honor. No more shitty self talk, no more mean and unkind words filling my brain on an endless loop—ENOUGH.


And so are you! 💚💪🏽🙌🏽👏🏽

Affirmations pack a quick one-two PUNCH for your negative narratives.
What affirmations help kick you out of a funk? Drop a 💚 if you’re ready to kick your Anxious Annie to the curb in 2019

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