The folks at the Mental Health League hit me up (and sent me a free hat) about becoming a Team Captain because of my daily efforts as a mental health advocate.

One of the top reasons many shy away from talking about their mental health (or asking for help) is the stigma surrounding being seen as someone with a mental illness.

I for one have found it to be surprisingly releasing to be open about my laundry list of diagnoses (A.D.D., O.C.D. with #trichotillomania, depression (occasionally severe) with accompanying thoughts of suicide).

Writing that all out or talking about it on video (or on a podcast) used to make me nervous - now, it’s more of a meh and post. Haha.

I still make sure to be deliberate about how I talk about it with a purpose in mind. Am I educating people about my experiences, am I get awareness out, am I currently struggling with something?

Sometimes having a purpose can help you with the idea posting about your mental health. Dip a toe in, you may be surprised to see how much (or who specifically reach out) support you have in your community

Never feel like you’re a burden - which I know is hard to believe when you are struggling, but don’t let the fear of being a burden on others to be the reason you don’t ask for help.

If you need help or know someone that does - please text HELLO to 741-741 for the @CrisisTextLine!

I’m excited to put on my #MHLGameFace as a part of the Foggy Dogs! Mental health has no off-season.

JMatt rocks the Foggy Dogs Mascot Hat while changing the game for mental health. Want to support the league? Join a team, then share your story using the hashtag #MHLGameFace on your preferred social channel.




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