“I have been dealing with depression on and off for about 15 years. For a majority of those years, I hadn’t even realized it was depression that I was dealing with. In fact, it wasn’t until I got sober that I TRULY understood that depression has been a part of my life for quite some time. I was constantly masking and numbing all emotions, as I didn’t want to scare people away by letting them into my complicated world. The more alcohol I drank, the deeper my depression would get (it is a depressant after all). I had no idea I was making everything so much worse, until I cut alcohol from my life.

Sobriety has forced me to EMBRACE my emotions. Sobriety has given me the tools to FIGHT my depression. Sobriety has given me the CONFIDENCE to talk about my depression. Sobriety has taught me to LOVE my depression. Sobriety has helped me BREAK my stigma of depression and I am so grateful for that.

I am also incredibly grateful for companies, such as the Mental Health League, whose mission is to help break the stigma of mental health and to encourage others to share their own stories. I am Team Foggy Dogs 🧢🐶 and this is my #MHLGameFace. What team are you on? You are not alone 💖”.

Jackie rocks the #TeamFoggyDogs mascot cap. Has sobriety been a part of your game plan? Let us know in the comments. https://buff.ly/2HFEmQR




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