I read something yesterday that has completely changed my outlook on mental health. We have created a huge stigma around people who suffer with depression, panic attacks and bipolar disorder. We have made it a joke and sadly we think that a person who isn’t well needs to be isolated and left behind. I think the opposite... for years now I have been assisting other friends in getting help and in building a mindfulness practice.

For many years I kept it all to myself. I don’t think my parents even knew the amount of pain I was in. It felt so lonely inside. The other day I read something that went like ‘ew to people who share their personal life on social media’. To this person: you should know that hiding under a rock is not the solution. Social media is a tool. Community, talking, sharing and supporting each other IS THE SOLUTION. You probably need some help too. The more awareness we create and the more we openly talk about it, the healthier our future generations will be.

I no longer fear for my mental health as I did before (in this picture when I was 23 years old) I have a community, tools and my loved ones who help me through stormy days. Thanks for this brand new perspective @mentalhealthleague - changing the game.

Francesca rocks the Bipolar Bears Mascot Cap while standing strong in the face of her mental health journey. Want to share your own story? Join a team, then share your story using the hashtag #MHLGameFace on your preferred social channel.




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