Ali S

Ali S

Some people relate mental health w/ being psychotic. In reality mental health conditions consist of having an excess amount of emotions that aren’t controllable. We shouldn’t degrade people for it will stay a stigma.

I’ve witnessed very close friends & classmates suffer w/ mental illness. It can take a toll on every aspect of an individuals life. Whether it be going out with friends, meeting new people, waking up to go to class, or being in a relationship.

An issue with society is the identification & misusage of mental health related terms. Phrases like “I’m so depressed” & “I’m going to kill myself” are often thrown around, especially on social media. I want there to be a safe place where people who truly feel as though they are depressed, suicidal, or any other feeling aren’t being mocked & belittled. I want them to be able to have an outlet for help that is easily accessible so that they don’t have to worry about coming forward. Because coming forward can be one of the hardest things to do.

While moving away from home after college to pursue a medical career, I found myself in a state of loneliness & always filled with anxiety. I felt secluded because I was away from my family, friends, & my culture. Being taken out of my comfort zone was extremely difficult for me to overcome, especially being raised in a close knit family.

I want to thank @mentalhealthleague for allowing me to be the team captain of the Anxietees. It stands for all those affected by an anxiety disorder. This league is bringing awareness to mental health & is here to support the millions that face these issues everyday. The symbol on my hat is a Manatee- which are known for their slow, calming grace. These hats are a great reminder that even when anxious or stressed, there’s always a team in your corner.

Check out @mentalhealthleague & visit their website to purchase a hat in support of mental health.💪🏼

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