It's not really my thing to post about my mental health issues online. In a way, it's easier to just sort of slip it into conversation and see where it goes. Oftentimes, the response is "But... you seem so..." You can tell they're looking for a word that's better than "not crazy" before settling on "NORMAL." And it's like, yeah, dude. I'm still me. I'm still a human being, just trying to get by.

The stigma surrounding mental illness sometimes feels like the most debilitating thing about it. Sometimes I can't lift the weight of my brain off my chest to get out of bed and sometimes I don't sleep for days. And I don't always react to things entirely rationally. But it's a lot easier when I have someone to talk to-- to try to understand, y'know?

Sometimes it's nice to have an assist when the goal is to keep waking up.
Fight the stigma. Ask for help, be there for others. It can be hard to do, but believe me it's worth it.

Or, honestly? Not berating someone or looking at them like they've got tentacles coming out of their ears when they open up to you would be a world of help. Thanks. Keep fighting, #Bipolar Bears

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