How to Manage Workweek Anxiety

How to Manage Workweek Anxiety

The work week can be incredibly stressful, and many of us have a habit to hold our breath until the weekend. Integrating tools for self-care during the week may seem daunting, but when we take mini-moments to exhale we do more than just de-stress. It builds healthier habits for our body, increases our productivity and collaboration skills, and gives you back valuable time during your weekend.

We asked our @mentalhealthleague Instagram community how they manage their anxiety during the work week. Here are their winning gameplays. What are your strategies? Let us know in the comments below.

Nature. I’ve been on the west coast and time spent by the sea has been so healing lately. – @nicoleacardoza 

The #1 (for me) is a hot bath. I have a hard time disconnecting from my phone and social media at times but it’s my favorite place to try to meditate because I leave my phone in another room and can have no distractions. I also love to craft especially making homemade sugar scrubs and bath bombs! Such a fun way to unwind and be creative and feel proud as you treat yourself to your homemade products.  – @tjgyrl2

Working out daily is a must for me.  – @abbyosvog
Positive thoughts and affirmations and a workout to beat the anger that piles on from the anxiety! My affirmations are ‘I have too many flaws to be perfect. But I have too many blessings to be ungrateful’. ‘In the darkness I am light’. ‘I am a worrier and a warrior. Peace comes from within and I am peace’. ‘I am only the half the person I've been and half the person I will become’. – @joyousgirl19

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