MHL Kickstarter: Fun Facts and What's Next

MHL Kickstarter: Fun Facts and What's Next

Can you believe it? It’s been just two weeks since we ended our Kickstarter. 283 of you bought over 320 hats and other MHL swag, raising our final tally to $15,216. After reviewing all the feedback, here’s a few things that stood out.

Fun Facts

We had supporters from 19 states and 3 countries. Overwhelmingly, our funders were based in NYC, where both Mike and Nicole have called home for most of their careers.

Most of you went straight for the no off-season hat, which was the most popular hat choice in the Kickstarter. That was a last-minute gametime addition for the starting lineup, and we’re glad you loved it as much as we do.

20% of our backers found us through Instagram, which is a powerful statement to the community we can build on the platform.

Team Anxietees currently has the most people drafted to the team. We’re not sure if it’s the soothing green, the clever manatee mascot, or that simply many of us are living with anxiety. People with anxiety disorder represent 18% of the population, so this isn’t necessarily surprising.

We aren’t a subtle group. Overall it looks like our backers prefer the mascot hats over the monogram versions, which may be because of their bold, playful vibe.

What's Next

We launched our new website that includes all our products available for pre-order and other ways you can get involved in the league. Check it out >

We’re doubling-down on building our online community, with a focus on Instagram for the short, shareable content. We’d love for you to follow us there and contribute to the growing conversation on living like there’s no off-season with a mental health condition. Follow us on Instagram >

We’re hosting a photoshoot with the new product when it arrives to boost our ad content and product shots on the website. If you live in NYC and free the weekend of November 16, let us know by emailing us at

And we’re listening to you. Your feedback, comments, questions and concerns have been so helpful as we’ve grown. If you have any other ideas or inspiration, feel free to send it our way.

With gratitude,
Team MHL

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